A lot of people believe that stains only manifest on teeth when one consumes a lot of dark beverages like coffee or even wine. However, this isn’t always the case. There are a number of factors that can cause teeth to stain.

Not that learning the sources of staining will make much difference. Staining is almost inevitable. It is all but impossible to avoid staining during the course of one’s life. It is for this reason that teeth whitening procedures are so popular.

Most people, given the chance, would like to make their smiles brighter. However, it isn’t always necessary to spend money on expensive dentists in order to improve the brilliance of your smile.

tooth-replacement-759929_1280Teeth whitening can take many shapes and formats. So long as you understand the concept, anyone can dazzle their friends and family with a brilliant smile, some secrets surrounding teeth whitening that you should know including the following:

1). Before you start worrying about making your teeth whiter, it is essential that you make every effort not to stain your teeth further. This means identifying any and all staining agents in your life and giving them a wide berth where possible.

Beverages with acidic components are the primary culprits here, this including soda, sports drinks, wine, and even foods likes tomatoes, yogurt, and soy sauce.

It is almost impossible to avoid foods rich in staining agents. However, by consuming these food items infrequently, it is possible to control the level of staining that your teeth will manifest.

2). Water is essential to anyone trying to keep their teeth clean and white. While most people understand the importance of brushing and flossing after every meal, very few individuals remember to swish their mouths with water every time they take a bite of a snack or a sip of a drink.

toothbrush-115120_1920By swishing water in your mouth every time you eat, you can prevent dulling and staining agents from remaining in contact with the surface of your teeth for extended periods of time, this reducing the amount of damage they can do.

3). Crunchy fruits and vegetables are a natural yet overlooked tool for cleaning and scrubbing teeth. Hard fruits and vegetables will give your teeth the sort of scrubbing they need to loosen particles and bacteria left over from a meal. Chewing gum, by virtual of the fact that it causes saliva to flow into your mouth, will also wash away acids that can sit on your teeth, causing dulling and staining.

4). Where tooth whitening becomes necessary, the process can be undertaken at home. There are various at-home-tooth whitening kits that individuals can use to remove superficial stains by themselves. Most of them utilize a bleaching compound known as carbide peroxide that can remove deep as well as surface stains.

5). If you have no patience for complicated at-home-tooth whitening kits, try investing in teeth-whitening strips. Thin and nearly invisible, they are coated with whitening gel and worn for a few minutes every day for a few weeks, with results manifesting in mere days and lasting for over a year.

Strips are a very simple method to use.

6).chewing-gum-287919_1920 Because most people have the sense to brush their teeth on a regular basis, you can always improve the brilliance of your teeth by investing in whitening toothpaste and rinses. These over-the-counter products contain mild abrasives that can remove surface stains. Unlike bleaching products, whitening toothpaste does not change the natural color of your teeth.

Individuals with dental veneers, fillings, crowns and the like are encouraged to approach the tooth whitening process carefully, lest they attract some unexpected and unfortunate side effects.


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